Attn: DIY Artists

Bedroom artists, do-it-yourself musicians, whatever they want to call themselves; there are plenty of people out there writing and recording music. Not all have aspirations to become working musicians, but many of these folks put together great music. So, we’re starting a special regular feature on DIY artists from everywhere and anywhere.

If you are a DIY music artist, feel free to submit your stuff to:

info <at>

Subject: DIY

We encourage our fellow North Carolinians to participate, and would like to feature an artist from NC with each post. That stated, we will consider music from all parts of the world.

Feel free to send mp3s, SoundCloud links, and Bandcamp addresses for your material.  A word of advice, if you want maximum exposure, SoundCloud or mp3s are the way to go (we recommend SoundCloud, because you have more control of your artistic work). It would be great if you could provide your recording set up, instruments, and any other information about your production process as well. The music is important, but as DIY types ourselves, we would also like to know about what you do and how you do it. Whatever you can provide in terms of information and links is appreciated.


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