Our Bloggers

This music blog is a place to share the passion for music, especially new music.  We hope to connect with others who feel the same way.

CLIF AKA The Dadada:  Clif grew up an army brat, and was a self-professed teenage slacker.  He spent his high school years balancing a love for classic rock from the likes of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and the Rolling Stones with a developing interest in the eighties college music scene, where he grew to love bands such as R.E.M., the Replacements, and later, the Pixies.  He joined the army for a two year hitch after high school, and then went onto college.  Since that time, he has had a few interesting career turns, lived a lot of places, and traveled to places he never imagined visiting as a child.  His musical tastes reflect his exposure to many people who share his intrinsic passion for music.  Clif is a happily married father of three boys, and each child has referred to him as The Dadada, hence the blog’s name. He resides in Greenville, NC.

There have been several contributors to The Dadada, but the blog is primarily written by Clif, who has been at it since the beginning. In the past, Craig (AKA CL CUCUMBER) contributed greatly with his reviews, artist features, mixes, and incomparable column “The New”, which was a weekly run down of the best new material available on the interwebs. Other contributors included Apathos and Elvirus/mla1918 who reviewed albums for the blog.


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