Remembering Apathos

seanSean Landry, known as Apathos on this blog, passed away this weekend at the all too early age of 47. Sean was the brother of Craig, a dear friend and my partner on The Dadada for several years. I cannot adequately express the profound pain I have in my heart for Craig and his family.  I am especially saddened for Sean and Craig’s parents, Rick and Jo Ann. I have known these folks for the better part of nine years, and quickly grew a fondness for them all.

Sean and I only met a couple of times, but there was a genuine easiness and comfort in his presence. I felt like I had known him much longer than I did. Occasionally, we would interact on Facebook in personal messages or on comment threads. It was always fun; he knew how to appeal to my intellectual curiosity and sense of humor. I know if he lived nearby, he would have been one of my great friends. Beyond our common tastes in music, he was an avid reader, vinyl collector, and all around nerd in the best sense; he embraced quirkiness and was unabashed in reveling in it. The world became a little more ordinary early this Sunday morning.

Gone too soon, yet I am grateful for having met you. Godspeed, Sean.

Apathos’ posts compiled here.


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