Five Picks for Saturday

– “Daffodil Days”

single b/w “Caramel Brown”
Bedroom artist poised to become superstar…We first featured Oscar a year ago (almost to the day) with the track “Open Up” comparing it to Dave Gahan fronting Blur. “Daffodil Days” goes a giant step beyond. WOW, and what a video! He’s now signed to Wichita records. Be prepared…

Work Drugs – “My Billie Jean”
from Louisa
out soon in 2015
Second-single is more than a nod to the MJ track.

Couch Jackets – “Thigh Tattoo”
Lo-fi, “dream rock” outta Boston…

Boerd – “Dust”
from Panacea
out April 2015
Stockholm-based electro-ambient artist gets ready to drop his second LP at the end of April.

Stroik – “Number One Blind”
from Career Girls EP
Love Our Records
Somber, sobering, surprising…



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