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In this edition… Discover Moor Hound, consider tracks from Stroik, Living Hour, and Darkbloom, and peep videos by Work Friend and Toliesel.

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Discover: Moor Hound

Moor Hound is out of Bloomington and led by Steve Marino. After several self-released recordings, Marino and friends offer the single, “Missin’ Out” b/w “Married”, through Flannelgraph Records. The move from self-release to label is not without intention, as Moor Hound sheds the indie ditties and folk songs in favor of bluesy roots rock. Despite this shift, Moor Hound stays steeped in the roots of American music.

“Missing’ Out” feels as though it was recorded late at night in a small mid-western club. It’s mired in the mournful heartbreak of youth, carrying the weight of the world on its shoulders. “Married” opens with somber soulful keys of an organ, and lyrically evokes images one might find in a Raymond Carver story. It is enmeshed in memories and the uncertainty of one’s thoughts and beliefs. Moor Hound’s development, though meandering, is on great display with this release; it is fresh, yet familiar, and worthy of your time. Stream both below, and if you like, click through and drop less than 8 quarters for the pair.

Check out Moor Hound’s past releases here.

Consider These

“On the Dotted Line” and “Apart from the Truth”
from Career Girls EP
A couple of sweet indie pop tunes from this US-based band. Career Girls will be released through Love Our Records.

“On the Dotted Line” (free d/l)

“Apart from the Truth”

Living Hour – “Words of Love”
released on 14 February 2015
Special Valentine’s day release covering the Buddy Holly classic. These purveyors of dream pop make it their own. Pay what you want for this single on Bandcamp.

Darkbloom – “*Now 79*”
released 01 March 2015
Darkbloom shows shades of Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, and The Smithereens on “*Now 79*.” Like it? Get it for quarters on Bandcamp.

Videos, videos, videos…

Work Friend – “Any Good”

Toliesel – “Bones”



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