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David Bazan

from Bazan Monthly Volume 2
released 01 January 2015
Bazan continues to release two songs every month, and these are the third and fourth tracks in Volume 2. “Little Motor” hits a nice pocket that you can hide in for a few minutes. “Someone Else’s Bet” is sublimely delicious. You can order the new compilations here.
“Little Motor”

“Someone Else’s Bet”

digitalanalogue – “Cafe Royal”
from Be Embraced, You Millions!
out 15 March 2015 on Song By Toad
digitalanalogue is the name of Ian Turnbull’s solo home-recording project outside of Broken Records. He came up with the name to describe the hybrid of equipment he uses (i.e., acoustic guitar, cheap drum machines and transistor organ fed into a complex chain of old tape 4-track, minidisc recorder and long obsolete audio editing software). The album was written over a two year span where Turnbull experienced the highest of highs (fatherhood) and lowest of lows (reckoning with the terminal illness and death of his mother). “Cafe Royal” feels at once like an awakening and an elegy. With delicate drones and cracking sounds, the piano marches along a road girded by guitars before letting go.

Peluché – “Sin”
out 06 April 2015 on RIP Records
The dub sound abounds on “Sin”, the second single release from the all female trio out of South London.

Shana Falana – “Heavenstay”
from Set Your Lightning Free
out 7 April 2015
The long-awaited release from Shana Falana will be here soon! “Heavenstay” is a siren’s song, makes one feel as though waking from a dream.



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