Consider These


Record/Start – “Rock From Afar”
from single w/ b-side “Followay”
out 20 February 2015
What if Weezer and ELO had a kid? It would sound like this…Record/Start release the ultra limited cassette debut single tomorrow, and it is available to pre-order from now.

Lois & the Love – “Pinocchio”
from Love is Louder
out Summer 2015
A blazing percussive pace, subtle synth notes, and post-punk chorus make this 80s inspired pop tune a ton of fun. Look for more from this London-based quartet.

Handsome Ghost – “Blood Stutter”
from Steps EP
out 10 March 2015 on Photo Finish/Republic Records
“Blood Stutter” is the lead single for Handsome Ghost’s EP, Steps. It appears a bit tweaked from the EP version, yet remains just as potent. Catch them on tour and get other information here.



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