Ramblings & Considerations


Watch Eftus Spectun – “Inerial”
On this recording, Eftus Spectus uses crocodile clips, combs, marbles, and bowed cymbals to accent its sonic palette. This video is like crack for the home recording enthusiast (at least for this one). The experimental noise outfit has a very limited edition CD of TURTUS on Void of Ovals. Their other releases can be purchased from Public eyesore, unlabel and mrw44.

Small Houses – “Seventeen in Roselore” 
feat. Samantha Crain
from Still Talk; Second City
out 10 February 2015
The Philly-based folk singer appears to be ready to break out with this release. Soulful, imaginative, and emotive, Jeremy Quentin’s recordings grab you by the lapels and shake your spirit.

The Ocean Party – “Head Down”
from Soft Focus
released 04 November 2014
Australia’s answer to Real Estate. This track is about as heavenly as it can be. Stream the entire Soft Focus album over on Bandcamp. Available in NZ and Australia on Spunk Records and on Jigsaw Records in the US.

Vetiver – “Current Carry”
from Complete Strangers
out 24 March 2015
The San Fran psych-folk act keeps it mellow on “Current Carry.” Sweet grooves make this one easy to like.

Emma Russack – “You Shouldn’t”
from You Changed Me
released 05 May 2014
Aussie singer/songwriter is simply immaculate. Love the subtle guitar work on this track.



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