Silver Pools – “Carbon Cadence”

Carbon Cadence

Picture yourself floating untethered in space. No fear of being crushed, you hover like ether while taking in everything around you. I had this wild daydream while listening to Silver Pools‘ “Carbon Cadence.” Silver Pools is a dream pop/ambient sound project of Todd MacDonald out of Toronto, and his newest track is a dark, spine tingling composition. It is the first single from his upcoming debut album, Memoirs of An Oblong Sphere.

Regarding its production McDonald tells us, “It was really an experiment: mixing real instruments (mandolin, drums, vocals, bass) with their synthesized counterparts. The song’s lyrics are quite post apocalyptic so it all fits together thematically I think.”

Outside of Silver Pools, McDonald plays drums in the band Loom, tours with Sea Oleena and helps other artists with their sonic dreams. “Carbon Cadence” is available for a limited time as a free download.

“Carbon Cadence”



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