Sunday R&C: 22-Jun-14

Discover: Alvvays


If you listen closely to Alvvays you hear elements of jangle, surf, and shoegaze all melded together to form a delicious brand of pop. The Toronto-based quintet has two tracks out for public review: the tidal wave signature track, “Adult Diversion”, and the powerful pop ballad,  “Archie Marry Me.” Their self-titled debut is slated for release on July 22. Other standouts from that album include the hazy “Atop A Cake”, and the C86-inspired “Next of Kin”.

“Adult Diversion”

“Archie Marry Me”

Consider These

Aayushi – “My Space Is Overgrown” [stream]
self-release single
Aayushi is an 18-year old bedroom musician out of the UK. She dazzles on this delicate song about coming of age.

Paul Sharpe – “I’m A Delight” [free d/l]
self-release single
Bouncy garage rock that just feels like summer to me. He is based out of the UK and is working on a project called 22, Nothing to Do.

The Shallows – “The Elitists” [stream]
from Fear and Hope Vol. 3
released 09-Jun-14
This track features a heavy bass groove propelled by a driving drum beat and chord mashing rhythm guitars. Think a heavier Twin Cinema club without all the sheen. Check out more from this London-based duo on SoundCloud. It gets a bit darker and there’s some depth to this band.

Gospel – “Serbian Girl” [stream]
self-released single
Imagine if you will that bands could mate. Gospel would be the child of The Cure and The Church. Get a free download of “Serbian Girl” on Bandcamp.

Words and Noises – “The Lost Art Of Conversation” [stream]
from Loaded Gun
out 10 August 2014
Who doesn’t like a pop song? Words and Noises are Chris Selman and Simon Williams out of Manchester (UK).



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