Sunday R&C: 4-May-14

Discover: The Cardinal Points

The Cardinal Points

The Cardinal Points‘ “Caught in the Chain” is a dark, brooding opener from their upcoming EP, Ghosts, which drops May 20. John Washburn’s deep vocals, the back masking of sounds, and stark piano create a dark vibe that caresses your temples and brings you to a lonely, rainy street where thoughts are your only company. The self-recorded and produced effort was written and devised in the basement of a commercial building in Long Island.

Consider These

Novi Split – “Clay Pigeons” [free d/l]
from If Not This, Then What
released 18 March 2014
Just had an aw shit moment when I saw this album pop up in my SC feed. In February, Novi Split released “Stupid” as part of a split 7″ with Brown and Blue. Based in San Pedro, CA, David Jerkovich digs deep into an alt. country vein and mines it for all that it’s worth. The entire EP is currently streaming and downloadable on SoundCloud. Check out this otherworldy cover of of Blaze Foley’s “Clay Pigeons”.

Benjamin Mason – “A Delicious Evening” [free d/l]
Finger picking madness that demands replay. Peruse his catalog on Bandcamp.

Woods – “Moving to the Left” [stream]
from With Light And With Love
released 15 April 2014
How good is this album? Just had to put this up, I am digging it so much…



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