Sunday R&C: 27-April-14

Discover: Poundstore Riot


Musicians Ash Cooke & Stu Kidd purportedly met in an unusual place: the middle of an uprising at “poundstore”, which is similar to the dollar trees and dollar stores scattered about the US. The pair were rumored to have served a short sentence for their part in the incident, and it was during this time they crafted “Poundstore Riot”, which also serves as their moniker. There’s more material planned.

“Poundstore Riot”

Consider These

Protomartyr – “Scum, Rise!” [free d/l]
from Under Color of Official Right
released 8 April 2014 on Hardly Art Records
Absolutely brilliant post-punk from this foursome out of D-town. This first single released from Under Color of Official Right deals with two tragedies: paternal abandonment and an explosion in a sports bar. Much of the album deals with the dark side of living in Detroit.

Gary Sunshine – “Old Concrete and the Tree” [free d/l]
Former Circus of Power songwriter and guitarist, Gary Sunshine, is now a singer-songwriter. He released his first solo LP The Nerve of Some People in 2012, and has a several scattered singles (presumably for his next LP) on SoundCloud. He captures all that’s good in Lou Reed, Wilco, and Exile-era Stones in his music. It’s deep Americana with a rock-n-roll soul.

Fuji Kureta – “Zest For Life” [stream]
from Andrey
out 5 May 2014
This duo out of Istanbul exude allure on “Zest for Life”, which they label ‘tropical boreal’ electronic music.

Hunt – “Reset My Bones” (featuring Andrea Gibson)
from Dark Come Sooner
released 20 November 2013
The Swedish quartet enlist Andrea Gibson to craft this gorgeous, atmospheric piece of majesty. Video directed by Mats Udd.



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