FFF: A DIY Corner

Friday’s Free Feature is all DIY. Go nuts…

The Irenes

The Irenes

The Irenes – “Crying For Addiction” [free d/l]
from The James Baxter EP
released 20 April 2014
The Irenes are a trio out of Chicago. Great sunny spring fare with roots in power pop. Name your price for the entire EP on Bandcamp.

The Parmesans – “Sweet Moonlight” [free d/l]
from Nature’s Burrito
released 22 April 2014
More rootsy folk stuff that just finds a way into your heart. Name your price for Nature’s Burrito on Bandcamp.

Wilder Eidolon – “Molly’s Idea Of A Lovely Evening” [free d/l]
We love Eidolon’s bedroom pop. Check out his SoundCloud page for more goodies.

The Blood-Brain Barrier – “Dejection Day” [free d/l]
Craig of The Dadada pings, prods, and dives into the depths of depression.

Weak Soul Patch – “The Lich” [free d/l]
Clif of The Dadada uses the major antagonist from Adventure Time as a vehicle for catharsis. Get his album Middleasia free on Bandcamp.




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