Sunday R&C: 20-April-14


Record Store Day

We went on a journey through time and space as The Out of Limits headlined a show at the Tipsy Teapot that included Woolly Mammoth (Pactolus, NC) and The Clayton County Mortuary Club (based in Wilson, NC). The show was a Record Store Day event hosted by East Coast Music and Video in Greenville. It was night of diverse styles in rock music that we’ve come to expect from Spazz Presents shows.

The Clayton County Mortuary Club (TCCMC) opened the night. A two-piece act, TCCMC demonstrated that stripped down simplicity can rule the day if given a chance. The guitar/bass/kickdrum duo ply Americana in its truest sense with elements of early rock, country, rockabilly informing the arrangement and style of their set.

TCCMC gave way to Woolly Mammoth’s “8-track sound”. The power trio barreled their way through a heavy, hard rock set propelled by the steady timekeeping of Thomas Barrington. As Barrington bashed and gave us some choice cowbell, brothers Johnathon (guitar, vocals) and Rick Smith (bass) channeled Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler respectively.

The Out of Limits closed out the night ripping through an 18-song set in less than an hour. The instro-surf trio’s choreographed use of surf, skate, and classic sci-fi film and sound clips added to the blazing set. Thank goodness for dripping wet reverb, as we may have all been set ablaze. The Out of Limits next play Instro Madness at Greenville’s City Bistro on May 15. In addition to The Out of Limits, Instro Madness features The Trabants (Boston) and SuperCobraJet.

The Out of Limits – Walking Out In His Body (Live)


Dune Rats – “Funny Guy” [stream]
7″ released on 7 April 2014
Brisbane trio barrels forward at break-neck speed. Psych, garage, punk: it’s all there.

Language of Shapes – “Stitches” [stream, d/l link in text]
The subject line read Psych Sci Fi Folk from Korea, and we already had an idea that this would be pleasingly odd. The mandolin-driven “Stitches” feels like an odyssey through space propelled by rhythm and haunting howls, whilst Tristram Burden channels his inner Nick Cave. Get a free download here.

Syd Arthur – “Garden of Time”
The psychedelic band out of Canterbury (UK) is set to drop Sound Mirror on May 20th via Harvest Records.

Should – “Dalliance”
The Baltimore-based duo amp up the jangle rock on “Dalliance”. Should released The Great Pretend in March 2014.



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