Morning Mail: 12-April-14

Yes, it’s been awhile… we do what we can. Tons of stuff to share from the inbox, and so we offer these goodies today:

Unicycle Loves You by Johnny Leather

Unicycle Loves You – “Falling Off” [free download]
from The Dead Age
out 10 June 2014
This Brooklyn via Chicago trio drops some noise pop gold. We previewed the stream and it’s full of nuggets like “Falling Off.” Looks like it’s going to be a hazy, noisy summer of melodic fuzz.

The Mercy Beat – “Sweet” [stream]
a single
Oh Mercy Beat, so cryptic, so good… who the hell are you? and why all the mystery? Los Angeles is yours, but what else? Jeff Smith…you know! Tell us!

The Singles – “Inamorata” [stream]
from Look How Fast A Heart Can Break
released 1 April 2014
Vince and Nicky from Los Angeles are The Singles. Part glam, part power pop, and it makes your spring time feel like spring.

Pizzaboys – “Day” [stream]
a single
Jangly instrumental track that has a chillwave feel. P I Z Z A B O Y S  is the solo project of Frederick from the duo Sameblod.

Ghetto Ghouls – “Simple C” [stream]
from Ghetto Ghouls
released April 2013
I guess we’re late to the party on this one. Austin-based punk band entices like venus fly trap to our buzzing fly and nabs us. Deee-lish.



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