Sunday R&C: 30-MAR-14

In this edition: Get into The Great Pretend by Should, and consider tracks from Secret Colours, Black Lizard, Oscar, Jingo and WSP.

Should releases The Great Pretend

The Great Pretend

The Baltimore-based duo, Should, unleashed, The Great Pretend, via Words on Music last week. This is Should’s fourth release after returning from a 13 year layoff with Like a Fire Without Sound in 2011. Sprinkling bits of dream and jangle pop with shoegaze undertones, it latches onto your cerebrum and doesn’t let go.

“Down A Notch”

“Mistakes Are Mine”


Consider These

Secret Colours – “Into You”
from Positive Distractions Part II
out 29 April 2014

A hooky bass-line and quirky mood drive this latest single from Secret Colours. The merged vinly and cassette versions of Positive Distractions Part I and Part II will be availalbe the same same day, April 29, and during that week they will be performing at Austin Psych Fest.

Black Lizard – “Love is a Lie” [free download]
from Black Lizard
released April 2013
Primordial power pop pleasingly permeates this psych rock/garage track.

Oscar – “Open Up”
from Brown Rice
out this summer via Smalltown Supersound
Imagine Dave Gahan fronting Blur, and be prepared to flip your lid.

Jingo – “When You Want Me” [free download]
London-based quartet is a ‘cross-Atlantic’ act that features members from NYC and London. They sound like a modern Fleetwood Mac.

Weak Soul Patch “Soylent Green” [free download]
Electropop commentary with a bit of tongue-in-cheek.



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