The DIY Corner

Today’s DIY corner features…Loop Line, KidsRewind, Rivers Rubin, and update on Clif’s project, Middleasia.

Loop Line

Loop Line

Loop Line are Paul and Luke who record together via the information super highway. Paul lives in Minneapolis, while Luke lives in Japan. The pair met while playing in bands in Minnesota, and decided to maintain contact after Luke left for Japan. Loop Line’s bond is cemented by mutual appreciation and selflessness.

Their writing process moves from simple recording on an iPad or laptop mic to back and forth arrangement sessions to final recording and mastering via a computer-based DAW. It’s a laborious, iterative cycle that seems like an endless loop of work, hence the name, Loop Line.

Their debut LP, Tides, is a home recording that is not without constraints. Paul records vocals in the bedroom closet to avoid train noises, and Luke records in his living room and tries to avoid recording when the local school lets out. I think they need to figure out how to take advantage of the found sound. It has the potential to be something bigger.

The music on Tides reflects power pop and synth pop influences. The harmonies on the album recall the Beach Boys and ELO, and the songs entail the sweet simplicity of The La’s and the emotive qualities of The Ocean Blue. It’s a sharp effort.

 “All I Am Waiting For”


Download/Stream: Tides



Jared Palacios out of Dallas goes by the name, KidsRewind. The electronic artist just released his first EP on SoundCloud. He’s been producing his material for a little over 6 months, and it’s intrinsic passion that keeps him going. Jared’s played guitar since he was 13. He usually starts the writing process on guitar and then transcribes it to MIDI.  Everything is then recorded via a computer-based DAW. The result is fun x 10, sure to get your derrière in motion.

“Dreamwalk” [free download]

“WWO” [free download]

“MissLoss” [free download]

Rivers Rubin


Rivers Rubin is the stage name of Brett Stewart from Denver. He’s self-released his first LP of folk-rock influenced ballads and sundry observations called Static on the Water. You can download it for free here. It’s a grand scale home studio release. Stewart has an elaborate set up and utilized several different guitars and bits of electronic equipment to record the album. He even plays a saw on the album. We’re big fans of some the darker songs he explores. Check out “She’s A Runner”, below.

“She’s A Runner”

Weak Soul Patch

Occasionally, we like to share what we are writing and recording. For a long time, Clif has recorded under the name, Weak Soul Patch. The moniker is the result of embracing what was meant to be an insult.

Early in February 2013, Clif was inspired to take the RPM Challenge, which is a month-long endeavor to create 10 songs and record them in the month of February. Within that month, he recorded seven songs: “Wakey Wakey!”, “Sundown”, “It’s Too Late for Melatonin”, “Smile”, “Middleasia”, “Satori in G-Vegas”, and “A Song About Nothing”, and then stopped.  Time moved forward and he thought about scrapping the entire project. Then came February 2014. There were several other songs he recorded along the same theme, enough to make a compilation, Middleasia.The theme was wrestling with the onset of middle age and all that it entails.

Middleasia was compiled gapless so that songs flow from one to the next.  The album is varied in style and is not meant to be polished. It is mostly bedroom folk with some rock and electronic influences spread out in it. The Swedish blog, Skogsgospel calls it (loose translation), “Flannel-colored stove pop from an isolated root cellar in North Carolina.” Clif is taking that as positive. Get a free copy of Middleasia on Bandcamp (no e-mail required).


“Satori in G-Vegas”


Download/Stream: Middleasia



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