My Spazz Fest V Saturday: Advaeta, Jazz Casual and The Out of Limits Impress

Jazz Casual

Jazz Casual

I got out late last night and popped by Tipsy Teapot to see what was cooking. Those in the know will tell you that the Tipsy Saturday schedule was an amalgam of bands; the type of show one saw in the old underground Spazz days. I walked through the doors and noticed that it was extremely casual; Jazz Casual was swooning over beats and bouts of synth.

Jazz Casual is the new moniker of Wes Bryon, who you may have known as Mount Moon. It was the perfect tonic to a long day of watching my kids’ basketball games and doing spring cleaning in the Dadada household. Confident and captivating, Jazz Casual’s set whet my palate for the evening. The highlight of Bryon’s performance was a searingly smooth cover of the Talking Heads’ “Road to Nowhere.” Bryon, who admittedly avoids covers, made the song his own.

Jazz Casual has Kickstarter campaign that’s in serious need of $$$. He’s looking to do a proper studio recording of his album Tetragammaton, which you can stream below and pay what you want for it on Bandcamp. 

Download/Stream: Jazz Casual – Tetragammaton



After a huge break in the action, murmurs swirled in the courtyard that Advaeta was playing next. It was rumored that the Brooklyn trio had a hard time getting to Greenville, and were written off as a scratch. Thankfully, the reports were wrong.

Advaeta assaulted the crowd with noisy swirling guitars and elegant drum bashing. The icy cool mood cultivated by Jazz Casual melted away quickly as guitarists Amanda Salane and Sara Fantry traded licks and then turbulently merged with ear piercing power chords. At one point, someone questioned the parental lineage of the band, suggesting that they were the spawn of Sonic Youth. Drummer Lani Combier-Kapel laughed when I mentioned this to her at the end of the set. I think I am still riding the wave they produced.

Get out and see Advaeta!

Advaeta – “Newo”

Advaeta – “Gold through Exit”

Following Advaeta were Baltimore’s The Outer Spaces and Chester. The pair were basically two solo acts performing together as one. They kept the flow going and gave way to the late night set featuring Greenville’s OG Merge and The Out of Limits.

OG Merge has come a long way in a short period of time. Usually a trio, they performed with a bassist and a female back up singer. Time constraints only allowed for four songs. Their brand of hip-hop infused blues rock had folks slow dancing and grooving at the end of the night before giving way to The Out of Limits.

The Out of Limits

Time was short and the crowd was full of diehard Spazz types, who longed to see the debut performance of The Out of Limits. The Out of Limits are an instro-surf trio that describe themselves as “Three grown men pretending to be visitors from another planet disguised as human conspiracy theorists who are warning the people of Earth of an impending alien invasion in order to create enough apathy that no one suspects that they actually are who they say they are… just so they can wear costumes in public.” Knowing two of the three members of the band, I can vouch for that description.

The Out of Limits whirled through a 25-minute set at amazing speed, only breaking to allow for 50’s era sci-fi clip intros to a mix of original and classic covers like The Bel Airs “Mr. Moto” and The Ventures’ “Joker’s Wild.” It was worth the wait, and I am excited for their next performance: Instro Madness at the City Bistro in Greenville on May 15. The Out of Limits will play on a bill that includes The Trabants (Boston) and SuperCobrajet.

The Out of Limits – “Joker’s Wild”

World-beaten, weary and just plain tired, I left the Tipsy sated and appreciative for Spazz Fest. The festival winds down today with brunch at the Tipsy Teapot, an experimental music gathering–“ask a punk”–as they say, and tonight’s closing show at Christy’s Europub featuring Holy Ghost Tent Revival.

Spring is here. Get out and enjoy what’s left of Spazz Fest.



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