Spazz Fest V Preview: Friday March 21 at Tipsy Teapot

Spazz Fest V Friday at Tipsy Teapot includes: Lonnie Walker, Wing Dam, See Gulls, and The Monologue Bombs.

Lonnie Walker

Greenville is an old stomping ground of Raleigh-based, Lonnie Walker, who have played each year at Spazz Fest. Starting with Brian Corum’s early house shows, the band has steadily evolved into a full-fledged band with members Josh Bridgers (bass), Raymond Finn (drums), Justin Flythe (keyboards), and Eric Hill (guitar). The 2009 release, These Old Times, opened more than a few eyes and was compared favorably with Dylan’s early electric period. There is some truth to that observation, but Lonnie Walker’s sound is more of an extension of gritty bar bands like The Replacements and The Del Fuegos—rhythmic punks who inspire devotion and cult following.


Wing Dam

Wing Dam
The crunchy psych-rock of Baltimore’s Wing Dam is new to Spazz Fest this year. It’s slacker-rock fueled by pop sensibility.

“Most High”

See Gulls

See Gulls
Another new act to Spazz Fest is a Raleigh-based super group of sorts, See Gulls includes Sarah Fuller (formerly of The Big Picture) on guitar, Maria Albani (of Organos) on drums, Duncan Webster (of Hammer No More The Fingers & Prypyat) on bass, and Jacki Huntington (formerly of T0W3RS) on guitar.  Their brand of 50’s inspired pop-rock is infectious, and you get the sense this band is a lot of fun (check out their Facebook page). Another contender for my favorite new Spazz Fest act.

“Big Band Man Baby”

“By Now”

The Monologue Bombs

Goner‘s Scott Phillips performs solo as The Monologue Bombs. Phillips’ observational songwriting is poignant, introspective and streetwise. Check out his profile on ReverbNation.

“Juneteenth (Nikki’s Song)” a demo via



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