Spazz Fest V Preview: Friday, March 21 at Peasant’s Pub

Spazz Fest 5 Friday at Peasant’s Pub has a power line up of Greenville favorites that includes The Charming Youngsters, Those Meddling Kids, Rebekah Todd & the Odyssey.

The Charming Youngsters

The Charming Youngsters started five years ago in a “dark corner of the Spazzatorium” in Greenville, and continue today after relocating to the Raleigh/Durham area. Known for their pop hooks and rocking live shows, The Youngsters are on the verge of releasing their first full-length LP, The Container of All Our Hopes for the Future. They are also financing a second LP via Kickstarter (more here). It should be a great return to Greenville for the winsomely wild quintet.

“Yer Dirty Feet”


Those Meddling Kids

Greenville’s Those Meddling Kids are long-time favorites in the area. Their bluegrass roots tinge original material, as well as provide some interesting cover versions of rock and pop tunes (Radiohead’s High and Dry, and “Overkill” by Men at Work come to mind).

“High and Dry” (Radiohead cover)


Rebekah Todd & The Odyssey

Rebekah Todd and The Odyssey, photo by Katie West

Rebekah Todd and The Odyssey, photo by Katie Wests

The Greenville-based singer-songwriter is now backed by a jazzy little outfit with horns and a rhythm section. Rebekah always knocked us out with her powerfully soulful voice, but the band adds a depth and resonance that is spine tingling. Her marvelous new album, Roots Bury Deep, is available now.

“Devil’s Gonna Buy”

“Old Days”



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