Spazz Fest V: Backdoor Skateshop 20th Anniversary Show, Friday 3/21

The Backdoor Skate Shop opened 20 years ago. The shop has been the scene of a lot of shows on which Spazzers cut their teeth, so what better way to celebrate? The Backdoor shows bring back Greenville faves Valient Himself (of Valient Thorr) DJ Set and Aether Realm.

Valient Himself (DJ Set)

The frontman for Valient Thorr, Valient Himself is a modern day renaissance man with his amazing beard, hard rockin’ persona, Rocknowledgy podcast, and now he will DJ a special set a the Backdoor Skateshop. Get ready!

“Immaculate Consumption”

Aether Realm

Aether Realm
The double bass drum playing of Aether Realm‘s Tyler Gresham is enough to make you flop over with exasperated exaltation–never mind Jake Jones take no prisoners singing and the shredding guitars of Heinrich Arnold and Jack Rodriguez. The Greenville/Raleigh outfit has pleased fans in this area for years and it only makes sense that they are part of this huge night.


Opening the night will be Blue Destroy, Revolving Beast, and Black Oatmeal. It should  be a great time to celebrate 20 years of the BD Skate Shop!



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