SPAZZ FEST V PREVIEW: “Metal Night” at Hard Times, Thursday March 20

“Metal Night” returns with Acirema, Exalted, Parallels, No Quarter, Dear Desolate, Assailant at Hard Times. Doors open at 5:30 PM. Get ready to thrash and mosh your brains out.


Acirema is a long time player in Greenville’s metal scene. A reconstituted line up and new album (The Ghost You’ve Become) have reinvigorated the band. Their brand of Swedish melo-death/thrash metal will undoubtedly blow away the crowd. Bring your old sneakers, cuz it’s about to get nasty.

“American Nightmare”


Out of Greenville, Exalted‘s brand of deathcore is influenced by such luminaries as he Black Dahlia Murder, Meshuggah, and Dream Theater. It’s at once beautiful and dark.

“Forfeit the Cause” (ft. Logan Lawson)


Parallels is a melodic hardcore band out of the Greenville/Washington area. Name your price for their new EP, Take This To Heart, on Bandcamp. Shout out to guitarist Brooks Blake who (in addition to being an excellent guitarist) does a mean guitar set up!


Dear Desolate

Dear Desolate
Members of Ex-Mêlée and Ever After came together to form Dear Desolate in Raleigh.  This band thumps, pounds, and beats their way through their debut EP, The Fiction Diary, which is available through Bandcamp.

“Order 66”


Assailant is a melodic hardcore band out of Rocky Mount. The five piece released the EP, Determination. Pay what you want for it on Bandcamp.

“If You Don’t Know Who You Are, Then Who Are You?”


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