The NEW: 25-Feb-14

The Assyrians from Milano

The Assyrians from Milano

The Assyrians – “Baobab [stream/downloadable]
from Tundra
released November 2013
Self-professed ‘Galactic Pop’ is actually marked by spectacular psych rock from Milano’s The Assyrians. If you like “Baobab,” try the equally spacey, “Astronaut” (also downloadable).

Illitry – “Follow Me [stream]
Illitry (ILL-a-tree) is an electro-rock quartet from Hamilton, ON.  “Follow Me” will appeal to fans of the dreamy, melodic rock played by the likes of The Farewell Circuit and Nerves Junior. Illitry makes a great use of atmosphere and a pulsing bass line.

Japanther – “Do It (Don’t Try) [stream/downloadable]
from Instant Money Magic
out 15 April 2014
The first single from the upcoming Instant Money Magic is a little lo-fi, a little punk and a lot of fun. Japanther will be playing SPAZZ FEST V in Greenville, NC this year.

The Kill Van Kulls – “Wishing” [stream/downloadable]
The trio from Manchester (UK) offer the first peek from their latest recording, which will be released later this year. “Radio friendly” comes to mind. Free download with e-mail address here.

Koloto – “Foxtales [stream/downloadable]
from Mechanica
released 14 February 2014
Glitch hop/electronic producer Koloto has a dazzling EP for which you can name your price on Bandcamp.

Posse – “Afraid [mp3, via]
from Soft Opening
out 4 March 2014 on Beating A Dead Horse
The Seattle-based trio recalls those halcyon days of 80s college radio. “Afraid” is introspective and buoyed by subtle rhythms.

Villa Kang – “Naked Trees [stream/downloadable]
The Toronto-based post-EDM artist drifts into darkness on “Naked Trees.” Get a free download (no strings attached) here.

Western Haunts – “Magazines [mp3, via]
from Western Haunts
released 11 February 2014
Four piece act out of Seattle play like a spacier Fleet Foxes in what is an interesting hybrid of folk and shoegaze.

This Much – “Disdain”
out 14 March 14
Man, this video made me homesick and also not homesick at the same time (I don’t miss the snow, but I miss the fair city of Boston).  BUT THIS IS ABOUT THE MUSIC–and this is a wistful, down-tempo song that is accentuated by the wintery visions in the video.



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