Electric Litany release “Enduring Days You Will Overcome”

Electric Litany - Enduring days you will overcome
Electric Litany is a post-rock experimental outfit based in London. The band released its second LP, Enduring Days You Will Overcome, yesterday via Inner Ear Records. It is a striking endeavor. As the title implies, the album is mired in brooding melancholy. Rather than resigned to depression, it is hopeful and persistent. Conscious perseverance through difficult times is a central theme.

We feature two tracks below. “Feather of Ecstasy” opens with notes of dark surf guitar before letting go into a dreamy, nearly ethereal state–it is meditative nature channeling focus, imploring us to “Breath from your heart.” The opening rant about money on “Empty Sea”sounds like a sample from a sermon, it is buoyed by a punchy-bass line and arpeggiated chords before  yielding to the haunting chant, “You move towards, the empty sea, you came across, the real me.”

Feather of Ecstasy

Empty Sea

Enduring Days You Will Overcome can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp. While there, also consider the tracks “Vanish” and the dreamy chill of “You Make Me Feel.”



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