Exclusive: The Valery Trails – “Children”

The Valery Trails are set to release their second album, Buffalo Speedway, on April 29, 2014. The intercontinental collaboration features brothers Andrew and Sean Bower with drummer Dan McNaulty. The Valery Trails was an idea that Andrew carried with him when he left Brisbane for an international career in energy. His journeys took him all through the South Pacific before he landed in Houston, TX. The digital age and the break up of Sean’s band Grand Atlantic made that long-ago idea a reality, as the trio exchanged tracks electronically from Andrew’s studio in Texas to Sean and Dan in Australia. The result became Ghosts and Gravity, which was released in 2012.

We are featuring the second single from Buffalo Speedway, “Children”, a song to which Andrew credits stream of consciousness writing. Part apocalyptic, part reflection on Gen-X, “Children” is resigned to fate; it’s not mournful, but resolute.

Children [free download]

Late last month, The Valery Trails, released “Starsong”, which brims with Sean’s punchy bass and stoic lyrics from Andrew.

Starsong [free download]



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