Ramblings & Considerations: 16-FEB-14

Discover: The Vivid


THE INBOX GIVETH: Sometimes something cool just lands in your lap.
The Vivid
is a three-piece outfit hailing from Melbourne, FL. They released the EP, Don’t Wake The Neighbors, in November. It’s an exercise in post-rock with elements of fuzzy garage (e.g., “Aquaphobe”), explosive punk (e.g., “Zero”), and thoughtful shoegaze (e.g., “The One From The Park”) material.  “Riser” closes out the EP and combines bits of all three elements. It’s hard to believe that Vivid produced and recorded the EP–it’s so well produced and recorded. Get Don’t Wake The Neighbors as a free download on Bandcamp.

Check out: “Aquaphobe”

Check out: “Zero”

Check out: “The One From The Park”

Check out: “Riser”

Consider these…

Occasionally, we run across live shows and rare studio recordings that grab us, and we have three sets to recommend:

Captain’s Dead has Portishead live in Portugal from August 8, 1998. Barrow and Gibbons are probably at their height on this recording, having released Dummy (1994) and Portishead (1997) just before it.

Captain’s Dead also has a great set of Pink Floyd BBC/Peel sessions from 1970 and 71. We took the liberty of making a cover for it, here.

Yo La Tengo Fans: NYC Taper has a set of four shows from December 13-16 Brooklyn’s Bell House. This is an annual gig for the band, held at Maxwell’s in past years. Get all four (plus others) here.

Videos, videos, videos…

Work Drugs – “The Good in Goodbye”
from Insurgents

The National – “I Need My Girl”
from Trouble Will Find Me

Twin Shadow – “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (Smiths cover)
ft. Samantha Urbani
from the UNDER THE CVRS series



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