Throwback Thursday: The La’s

Celebrate Throwback Thursday with The La’s.

The La's
Back in 1991, my younger brother was on leave from the Air Force. He came bearing gifts, and surprised me with a copy of The La’s self-titled album. It proved to be their only studio album; an odd legacy for a band that’s had some influence on today’s indie scene. Compilations and live recordings have surfaced, but those were just reminders of how special that first album was.

Out of Liverpool, the quartet was often compared to the early Beatles. The La’s album was propelled largely by the single,”There She Goes,” but every track is just so good. The album was an exercise in pop perfection–marked by tight melodies and rootsy harmonies with each song under three minutes. It still regularly rotates on some device of mine.

“There She Goes”

“Timeless Melody”





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