Novi Split & Brown and Blue Release 7″


The “Honeymoon Suite​/​Stupid (Split 7″)” is a seven-inch split from two California bands: Novi Split and Brown and Blue. While the single is available as a free digital download, the vinyl seven-inch can be purchased for only $3–a bargain for you vinyl collectors. Get either format on Bandcamp. We preview each track and artist below.

Novi Split is the led by David Jerkovich, who is from San Pedro. “Stupid” is a sweetly arranged alt. country song that originally appeared on his self-recorded 2013 EP, Creeping Around Your Face. Newly recorded in studio, the single takes Jerkovich out of the bedroom and to place where his quiet arrangements blossom. 

Novi Split – “Stupid”

“Stupid” will be the lead single for the new Novi Split EP “If Not This, Then What” out on Hush Records March 18th. Novi Split has an entire back catalog recordings on Bandcamp for which you can name your price. David is known to draw humorous cartoons that are autobiographical in nature, check out his Tumblr and Facebook sites for these and other information on Novi Split.

The Los Angeles quintet, Brown and Blue, revel in reverb and classic rock. Updating classic California sounds, they dabble in bits of surf, canyon rock, and 80s college radio, jangle rock. The split 7″ features “Honeymoon Suite,” a slow tempo track full of wistful longing. Arranged wonderfully with horns and pedal steel, it’s sweetly gritty.

Brown and Blue – “Honeymoon Suite”

Brown and Blue has a host of other tracks on SoundCloud, and we’ve picked a couple of our favorites for your pleasure. “All Hail” is a tribute to the classic late 50’s/early 60’s California rock sound, and “Stay” reminds us of some of our favorite material from The Band.

Brown and Blue – “All Hail”

Brown and Blue – “Stay

Follow Brown and Blue on their website and Facebook.



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