Walrus – “Glam Returns”


Nova Scotia has a glorious rocky coast with cold seas. Its capital city, Halifax, has a great independent music scene that includes the band, Walrus. Starting in 2012, the band peppered fans with several singles and EPs, evolving along the way to their current release, the psychedelic fuzz rocker, Glam Returns.

Walrus has nailed it on this one. Glam Returns is a strong release of four songs. “Banger” opens in uproarious fashion, settles in nicely at the bridge, and then cracks open another can of inspiration. The wistful “Bulah” dances delicately through your ears. The brooding and introspective title track straddles the space between The Beatles late period and The Flaming Lips early 00s releases.  The closer, “It’s No Myth To Me,” is a rambling monster of a tune that’s an addictive ride; even at eight minutes, it demands repeat play.

Preview the entire album below, and then pay what you want for Glam Returns on Bandcamp.



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