No Limits or Boundaries Vol. 2

Here is this month’s music mix:



  1. Pontiak – “Luck Lustre Rush” from Innocence
  2. Local Onlys – “All Girls School” from Half Birthday EP
  3. Mavis Gary – “Pin Me Up” from Pin Me Up
  4. Jargon Party – “Lucy Melanie” from Jargon Party
  5. Passenger Peru – “Heavy Drugs” from Passenger Peru
  6. Gorgeous Bully – “Sinking Feeling” from
    Nobody Hates You As Much As You Hate Yourself
  7. Piano Chat – “Blond” from Lands
  8. Miasma – “Miasma” (single-SoundCloud)
  9. Ponyhof – “Tiger” from Empires
  10. Globelamp – “Daddy’s Gone” from Stardust
  11. Champ – “Burnt Alive” from Champ
  12. Misun – “Nothing Else” (single-SoundCloud)
  13. Teledrome – “Boyfriend” from an upcoming release
  14. Wye Oak – “The Tower” from Shriek
  15. Lists – “Autumn” from (single-Bandcamp)
  16. That Dream Was Our Life – “Close” (single-SoundCloud)
  17. You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – “Be My World” from Diffraction/Refraction
  18. Kins – “Aimless” from Kins
  19. Angel Olsen – “Free” from the Folkadelphia Sessions Vol. 1
  20. Abbey Bowden – “Still” (single-SoundCloud)

Download the entire mix in one zip file, here.

A music mix of promotional mp3s featured on and the Music Alliance Pact from January. The mix will be linked for 10 days, and then it will come down.

If you like what you hear, please support these artists. Their music made you happy.



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