Throwback Thursday: Nirvana


Feeling kind of lazy today.  The ice and snow has me fighting cabin fever by working on a few Nirvana tunes.  That’s why they’re featured today.

I don’t need to say much about why this band is significant. Maybe I should add that the Baby Boomer jackoffs who think that the pinnacle of Gen-X music is this band can suck eggs–i.e., Rolling Stone can suck it.

“About A Girl” from Bleach

Here it is simply: Nirvana broke the hair-band stranglehold on hard rock and opened the doors for a lot of other bands who would’ve gotten ignored otherwise. Kurt Cobain knew how to right a hell of melody. He was good looking and interesting enough to keep people’s attention (i.e., the purveyors of big media). Combine this with a vapid and seemingly stagnant hard rock genre, and you get the vanguard of a new era. It’s as simple as that. I could do without some of the post-grunge crap that followed–but record companies are going to figure out how to repackage music all to their liking.

Like many people my age, I loved the band and what they meant to music at the time. It’s a damn shame that anyone has to feel as depressed as Kurt Cobain did, and it’s hard to believe he’s been gone for 20 years.

“Breed” from Nevermind

“In Bloom” from Nevermind

“Penny Royal Tea” from In Utero
performed live on “Nulle Part Ailleurs” in Paris, France

“The Man Who Sold the World” (David Bowie Cover)
from MTV’s Nirvana Unplugged

“Territorial Pissings” from Nevermind
Live at the Paramount 1991

signing off from snowy eastern NC…


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