Sunday Ramblings


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Case Conrad

Case Conrad

Case Conrad – “Lonely Light Show Shine”
from Leikko [free download]
out 14 February 2014
Another step forward from the Barcelona-based, Swedish outfit. We’re looking forward to their upcoming US Tour. Check out more on Bandcamp.

Lily & Madeleine – “I’ve Got Freedom
from Lily & Madeleine
released 25 July 2013
This duo from Indianapolis will knock you out with their soaring harmonies. Check out more here.

Pulco – “Open Your Wallets
single b/w Untitled February 2013
on Folkwit Records
Ash Cooke is planning a new release, Innovation In The Trade, soon. “Open Your Wallets” is the first peek into it. No one does lo-fi quite as well, and Pulco get his ‘power pop on’ on this track.

Static Masks – “Ladies [free download]
from Ladies maxi-single
released 7 January 2014  
Post-rock, expiremental outfit from US. “Ladies” is a dream-filled, trippy blast. Pay what you want for the EP here.

The Sturmey Archers – “I Love You More Than Debbie Harry
[free download]
The song title says it all! Cheeky, wry stuff is what you get from The Sturmey Archers. Loads of material to examine on SoundCloud if you like this one.

Happy Sunday!


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