FFF: Local Onlys – “Half Birthday” EP


The Friday Free Feature (FFF) is our favorite kind of spotlight, an unsigned band that recorded its own material. Local Onlys is a three-piece garage punk band based out of Philadelphia. The Half Birthday EP is their debut recording.  The band consists of Jacob Smolinski on guitars and vocals, Julie Gutekunst on bass and vocals, and Mark Lynch on drums. The trio met and currently attend La Salle University, where they recorded the EP.

Check out: “All Girls School[free download]

Motivation for the band’s name came from the trio trying to think of the worst cover band name, and was ultimately influenced by a party where they ended up in one Philadelphia’s more sketchy neighborhoods.  The party was “Locals Only” and as Smolinski passes on, “It got pretty whack.”

On Half Birthday, Local Onlys decided to just have fun really let their influences show: Pinkerton era Weezer, Pavement (anything Stephen Malkmus), early Strokes, and garage pop like Black Lips or ROAR.  To us, it sounds like a young Elvis Costello fronting the Ramones. We love the raw energy and look forward to hearing more from Local Onlys.

Download/Stream Local Onlys – Half Birthday EP [free download]

Smolinski also has a SoundCloud account where he posts recordings from several bands to which he belongs, check that here.

Here’s one from a Smolinski side project:
Poles – “Almost Turkish Gold” [free download]

Happy Friday!


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