Consider These…

All freebies today, enjoy!


Animal Magic Tricks – “Sex Acts [free download]
from Song By Toad’s Five Records for Five Years (birthday celebration box set)
Gorgeous lo-fi from Frances Laura Donnelly AKA Animal Magic Tricks.

August and After – “Waltz for Marie
London-based quartet uses classical instrumentation to develop their distinct sound. I love the lonely sounding trumpet on this duet.

James Holt –  “I Thought You Were Crying (But It Was Just the Rain)
single [free download]
Holt is based out of Manchester (UK) and sounds (vocally) a lot like Jeff Tweedy on this track.  LOVE IT!

Lists – “Autumn” [free download]
Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter plays like an uptempo Nick Drake.

Miasma – “Goldberg[free download]
Miasma is an experimental pop-rock band based in Edinburgh. “Goldberg” is rollicking lo-fi that’s imaginative and driven by a heavy groove. Fans of Menomena will dig it. Check out their double a-side release, “The River”/”Evil Twin” on Bandcamp.

Passenger Peru – “Dirt Nap” [free download]
from Passenger Peru
out 28 January 2014
The second single from the Brooklyn duo’s upcoming release. Spacey, psychedelic stuff that can get heavy at times. Check out “Heavy Drugs” as well.



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