Consider These…


A little 8-bit…

Crying – “Bloom
from Get Olde
released 29 August 2013
This three piece outfit out of Westchester County, NY define their music genre as New Media Rock. It’s loaded with 8-bit beeps and bloops that somehow adheres to the guitar driven melodies (edit–and it’s a guitar effect–doh! of course), making a beautiful pop mess. You can pay what you want for Get Olde on Bandcamp, and we highly recommend it. If you like Crying, you might like singer Elaiza Santos’ solo project: Whatever, Dad (pay what you want on Bandcamp).

A little psychopunk…

Fat White Family – “Heaven on Earth
from Champagne Holocaust
released 01 April 2013
Grinding psychopunk from this West London septet. It’s infectious! Purchase their debut album on Bandcamp.

A little jangle pop…

Mavis Gary – “Pin Me Up [free download]
from Pin Me Up
released 5 November 2013
Out of New Zealand, Mavis Gary is the moniker of solo artist, Adrian Ng. The Pin Me Up album is chock full of hazy, jangly material inspired by the likes Big Star, 60s girl groups, and even Pavement. Somehow all of this translates into a sound that would fit comfortably on the famous NME C86 cassette.  You can pay what you want for Pin Me Up on Bandcamp.



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