FFF: Globelamp – “Star Dust”


Friday’s Free Feature (FFF) is experimental folk project, Globelamp, which is the solo work of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Elizabeth Le Fey. Elizabeth and her collaborator, Sam France (you know him?), recorded Star Dust on an 8-track cassette recorder during stops in Olympia, WA and Woodstock, CT while on tour with Foxygen.

This lo-fi recording sounds as if it was captured live 50 years ago–a time where folkies were going electric. There’s a dash of psychedelia for good measure and, at times, it sounds a little like early Jefferson Airplane (just a bit more trippy though).

We don’t normally place albums with the “name your price” tag on our FFF days, but Le Fey does have the raucous track, “Daddy’s Gone,” available as a free download on SoundCloud–so that’s your freebie today. You can pay what you want for all of her material on Bandcamp,

Globelamp – “Daddy’s Gone
from Star Dust
released 27 November 2013

Download/Purchase: Stardust

Happy Freakin’ Friday to ya!


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