From the inbox and beyond


Burning Codes – “She’s The Only One
from an upcoming single release out 13 January 2014
Dark, brooding pop from Paul Archer out of Belfast.

Bahamas – “Caught Me Thinkin‘”
from Barchords
released 7 February 2012
Don’t ask me why, but this song came back hard for me. Serious ear worm…

Pink Mexico – “Hussy Woofer
from Pnik Mxeico
released 10 June 2013
LA fuzz punk trio that likes to refer to their music as ‘grunge Kenny Loggins’, and while that might be tongue in cheek–I get it! You can order a limited edition cassette of Pnik Mxeico or download a digital copy on Bandcamp.

The Pluto Moons – “The Last Party
The “millennial response to Prince” doesn’t come of nearly as horny, but embrace the funk and fun of the Purple One’s persona.  Lots of goodies  from their Mannequin Legs LP to peruse on SoundCloud.



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