Discover: Lobo Marino

I am a big fan of our local open mic at Peasant’s Pub, and participate frequently in it. It’s a great night, usually featuring a variety of music, and packed with a supportive crowd. Last night, I was lucky enough to go first. I had a “meh” set, but happy I performed just the same. Up next was a couple the regular crowd has never seen.

He had a bass drum and what appeared to be a ghatam (a pot drum). She had a harmonium propped up on a plastic container covered by a tapestry. They are Lobo Marino, and they blew the crowd away. Their brand of experimental folk music is deeply soulful, and it draws from a rich palette of international influences. Their enchanting four song set thoroughly enthralled the folks in attendance.

Lobo Marino at Peasant's Pub

Lobo Marino at Peasant’s Pub

Lobo Marino consists of Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price, and the duo is based out of Richmond, Virginia. Laney and Jameson have toured constantly for the last several years.  The name “Lobo Marino” originates from a year long trip in South America, where they observed an enormous Pacific Sea Lion or “el lobo marino.”  Its loud growl and presence stirred something in them, and the band’s moniker reflects their deep spiritual connection to the natural world.


Lobo Marino were stopping through Greenville as part of their Wintour. Jameson and Laney head to Wilmington tonight, playing The Juggling Gypsy Cafe. They will continue touring the southeastern US through January, and will eventually make their way back to South America as part of the tour. See more tour dates here.

Get out and see Laney and Jameson; their energy will enrapture and invigorate you.

Lobo Marino has four recordings available on Bandcamp.  Pay what you want for Kite Festival, Fields, The Reincarnation EP, and Keep Your Heads Up.

Check out: Celebrate

Check out: “Down Children, Down[free download]



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