Consider These…


Misun – “Nothing Else (free download)
Pronounced MEE-SUN, they are a four piece outfit from DC. “Nothing Else” plays like a funky, new wave Bananarama. Heavy hooks and biting, quacky guitars (has to be a strat) drive this track. Check out the track “Harlot” (also a free download) while you are at it.

Passenger Peru – “Heavy Drugs (free download)
from Passenger Peru
out 28 January 2014 on Fleeting Youth Records
“Heavy Drugs” draws inspiration from psychedelic and trip hop influences. We are eagerly anticipating the self-titled release from this Brooklyn duo.

Mumblr – “Hose Water” 
from Bang Bang
released 19 December 2013
Masters of slacker punk with a sense of humor, Mumblr are out of Philadelphia. They need to get PAID, so drop some dough on Bandcamp for Bang Bang.

The Persian Leaps – “Sleepless
from Praise Elephants
released 15 August 2013
Based out of St. Paul, MN, The Persian Leaps have a penchant for creating catchy noise pop tunes.  You can pay what you want for Praise Elephants on Bandcamp.


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