From the Inbox and Beyond


Get a little weird…

Good Muscles – “Mount It
Electronic chamber pop artist Henry Schiller is an American living in Scotland. He describes “Mount It” as ‘Chamber Grime’. Its a cappella rhythms, synth tones, and quirky vocals recall Sgt. Pepper’s LHC and early Eno. Check out more on his SoundCloud page.

Get a little dreamy…

Delay Trees – “Fireworks
from Readymade
out this month on Soliti
The Finnish band’s third release shows depth and maturity, while maintaining the dreamy/jangly elements that caught our attention two years ago. Stream the whole album here.

Get a little nostalgic…

Pixies – “Blue Eyed Hexe
from EP2
Out now and available here
The Pixies take a cue from Beyonce and drop a new EP without a warning shot–nice! Craig and I were talking the other day about needing a return to cowbell, and the Pixies provide it.  It’s a little heavier than one would expect from the Pixies. I like it. JOEY shreds! I don’t know how Charles has a voice at all. Check 2:16 in the song; he’s sounding a little Brian Johnsonesque.



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