Consider These…


Some goodies that have invaded my ears lately:

The Flag – “Alpha 60 Punchout
A Ted McGrath (formerly These Are Powers, Antimagic) solo project that is inventive and ambitious. LOVE! You can pick this up on eMusic b/w “Neighbors”.

Courtney Barnett – “Milk!
There’s a Lucinda Williams quality to this track. I love her voice, it’s full of apathy and unintentional disdain. “I’m breathin’ and I’m wheezin’, I feel like I’m emphyseming'”

Case Conrad – “Copper Thief
Beautiful! Can’t wait for their return to the States. Their second album, Leikko, is out on February 14.

Sky Ferreira and Ariel Pink – “My Molly
As if I couldn’t love her enough, Sky Ferreira amps up Ariel Pink’s “My Molly.”  If the video is any indication, the two of them are having a blast.  Would love to see a full album collaboration.



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