The Blogosphere Just Got A Little Dimmer…


The demise of Chromewaves came as quite a surprise to us. We’ve followed the blog for nearly 10 years, and have often considered it the best music blog out there. Frank wrote an eloquent long-form blog that combined news, opinions and music reviews . His music and booklists were a beacon for me and several others, and most of all, he was there every day. An incredible feat when considering it was a labor of love, and not his primary job. So many bloggers (including those who write this blog) are driven by their intrinsic love of music and desire for expression, but it can only buoy the spirit so long. Thanks, Frank, for a great 11 years. Whatever you do, enjoy life!

Several of our favorite music blogs have departed from the blogosphere. In many ways, it’s a different era than even five years ago. PR Firms and recording labels have honed in on the act, setting up false blogs to poorly emulate what Chromewaves, I Am Fuel You Are Friends (still hanging on!–thanks, Heather), Tsururadio, and others did so well; provide rich, passionate opinions that convey a general love for music. Others have managed to enrich the diversity of music by tapping into satellite radio, finding spots on their local public radio, or even writing for some of the bigger trade magazines. What’s important is that the independent spirit of music stays supported. Know what you are consuming!  As for our little blog, we’re keeping it afloat, but paddling a little slower. We are not quite ready to anchor the boat. Thanks for sticking with us.



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