Discover: Flash Fiction

photo by Scott Stevens

photo by Scott Stevens

Flash Fiction is a three-piece British-American indie folk-pop band based out of Exeter, UK and Portland, Oregon. They had the “audacity” to suggest that they should be on this blog (as if that is some kind of honor–ha!).  We liked their flip e-mail; they seem like a fun outfit. Plus, their song, “Murmurs of Morning”, makes all kinds of east coast references, including a stop through nearby Rocky Mount, NC. Beyond these observations, you’ll find a trio who make enjoyable and accessible acoustic pop music.

Flash Fiction has no shortage of material to examine, including their latest single, “Bitter Love” and our personal fave, “Geography of a Broken Heart.” If you like those, check out their Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages for more free music.  On January 6th, they will release their debut LP, The Murmurs of Morning,  for free download. Keep yer eyes peeled, people by following Flash Fiction on Facebook.

“Bitter Love” [free download on Bandcamp]

“Geography Of A Broken Heart” [free download]



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