Consider These

Sea Pinks

Sea Pinks

Sea Pinks“An Exploded View”
from  double A Side single, Exploded View/Magpies Eyes
released 5 November 2013
Belfast band captures that C86 sound well on “An Exploded View”. Purchase on Bandcamp.

Blanche Blanche Blanche“Fisted”
from Breaking Mirrors
released 5 November 2013
Bad ass Catamounts turned Brooklynites shine on their newest release.  Has it really been eight albums? It’s the first one with a full band.  Get it on Wharf Cat Records. It’s a steal for$5.

Xander Allen and the Keys“Shoebox” [free download]
from The First Marker
released 1 September 2013
The three piece indie rock outfit from Bournemouth (UK) comes off as accessible, yet proggy. It’s called chops, and these boys have them. Check out more on SoundCloud.

Work Drugs“Never Gonna Be Alone On Christmas”
single [free download]
Yep, get ready. Christmas is coming, and we’re not fighting it. Here’s the first track of many to come. Sounds like Beach Boys meet Wham! and it works.

in case you haven’t figured it out by now…we’re music omnivores.


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