From the Mailbox

Some goodies for you to consider as we head into the seemingly endless holiday season:

Discover: Callow

Photo by: Betty Dupree. (L) Red Moses, (R) Sami Knowles

Photo by: Betty Dupree. (L) Red Moses, (R) Sami Knowles

Emerging from the San Francisco Bay Area is Callow.  The duo features guitarist/lead singer Red Moses and drummer/keyboardist Sami Knowles. The pair formed in 2009 and refer to their sound as ‘Ghost Western’.

To support the November 19th release of their new album, Blue Spells, Callow has released the singles “Philosophy” and “Strange”.  Immediately striking are the evocative, nearly tortured, vocals of Moses. Knowles drawling twang is the perfect complement and gives these tracks deep visceral appeal.  An analog recording, Blue Spells was recorded live to tape, which adds to its stirring grittiness.

Check out: “Strange” [free download]

Check out: “Philosophy” [free download]

You’ll find Blue Spells mesmerizing, and Callow has loudly announced itself with this release.

Stream/Purchase Blue Spells on Bandcamp

Consider These:

Mom Tudie“See You Go”
featuring Leffeh Man and Nicola Thoms
Mom Tudie is an eighteen year old producer from South East London.  He previously released the single, “Human Heart“, which received a bit of interwebs buzz, and now he’s unleashed a new track called ‘See You Go” that features classically trained pianist, Leffeh Man, and vocalist Nicola Thoms. The electronic beat ’em up styles of “See You Go” and “Human Heart” draw inspiration from jazz and R&B. Fans of Soul II Soul, SBTRKT, Four Tet, and Thom Yorke will all find something here.

Vladimir“Come Over” [free download]
Hey Scotland, what’s in the water? This four-piece act out of Dundee dropped the single “Come Over” on November 18, and it is mahhhhvelous. It’s hard to believe that this was produced by a bunch of 18 year olds, but then again, teen angst provides great fuel for this type of music. Not wanting to make unfair comparisons, let’s call it post-punk indie rock that’s blazing (and I want to hear more).  Check it:

Candice Gordon“John I’m Only Dancing” [free download]
Love this complete re-arrangement of this Bowie tune–60s kitsch with sultry appeal and grit. Rumor has it that Mr. Bowie enjoys it too.



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