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Twin Peaks

Sometimes I need a kick in the pants or maybe just a tweet from someone to pique my interest in a band. The PR Firms for Twin Peaks sent me all kinds of great promotional materials that went unseen until yesterday morning (sorry, I needed a break from this gig). A tweet from Alex Hicks (follow him @pgh_guy) changed all of that.

Twin Peaks’ brash approach to reviving classic sounds, let’s call it garage-surf pop, is abundantly appealing. These four young hawks from Chi-town really rip it up, but it’s not all slash and burn. There’s this jangly, melodic sub-current that smacks like sugar in a harsh cup of coffee. It gives you a palatable jolt.

They released their debut, Sunken, on Autumn Tone in July, and have been touring their asses off ever since.  They are happy to be back home in Chicago, where they played an event called Savagelands this past Friday (11/22).  Take a taste of “Stand in the Sand,” “Irene” and “Fast Eddie” below.

Stand in the Sand


Watch “Fast Eddie”

Consider These

Mari Joyce – “Open Your Eyes
Out of Norwich (UK),  Mari Joyce’s sultry voice drifts listlessly yet invitingly; it’s gripping. “Open Your Eyes” is simply brilliant. Pay what you want for it on Bandcamp.

Reverie – “Stone the Crows
A family band of two brothers and two cousins, Reverie is out of Birmingham (UK).  “Stone the Crows” plays like a slowed down La’s with Paul McCartney fronting the outfit. Oh wait, maybe I mean the Beatles. It’s a fun track with a nice hop-step rhythm and a chippy piano solo.  They’re looking to head to NYC for a spell, follow them on Facebook.  Also check out the track “Lady”. More on Reverie here.

Scout – “Wrong From Right
from All Those Relays
Released 20 May 2012
I follow Scout’s (Ashen Keilyn) SoundCloud account, and she just dropped this deep cut from All Those Relays, the underrated return album she recorded after a nine year layoff from being “Scout”. It has a beautiful arpeggiated lead, and I believe Jim Eno from Spoon is playing drums. It’s Sunday coffee pleasant.

The Meaning of Life 
“Play with Fuego” and “Everything is Fine”
from Play Fuego
Released 11 August 2012
From the “there’s too many bands to keep up department”, I stumbled onto this Brooklyn trio while listening to another submission. Their album Play Fuego is awash with reverb and they know how to lay down a bouncy melody, see “Everything is Fine”. Fun stuff, pay what you want for it on Bandcamp.

“Play with Fuego” [free download]

“Everything is Fine” [free download]



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