Consider These


Fort Frances – “Plastic Hearts
from Breathing Room (EP)
released 15 October 2013
The Chicago-based trio keeps getting better.  “Plastic Hearts” slams down the accelerator with a pulsing bass and snappy beat, which is in sharp contrast to its chorus: “There’s no shame in slowing down!”  Check out the  unplugged version of this track for an incredible contrast in styles (just below). The EP includes the b-side “Habits”, plus unplugged versions of each track.  Get it here.

Fort Frances – “Plastic Hearts (unplugged)

Parkington Sisters – “In the Pines [free download]
The quartet from Wellfleet, Massachusetts has drawn a lot of attention accompanying the Dropkick Murphys during the World Series.  They released the murder ballad, “In the Pines”, as a special Halloween single. High repeat play factor due to it’s beautifully haunting harmonies.

Robin Pahlman – “Miss Lonelyhearts [free download]
from Robin Pahlman (EP)
out mid-November 2013
The Finnish singer-songwriter drew some inspiration from residing in the US Pacific Northwest (the PNW for the uninitiated), and its mix of American styles is reminiscent of bands from the Portland/Seattle area.  The horns make this song burst.

Beste Kırmacı – “Lonely Summer Day [free download]
single- independent release
A Turkish bedroom artist who I stumbled onto whilst exploring SoundCloud. Click on her name to check out more music. There’s quite a mix of folk and electronic material. She sings in Turkish and English.



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