Morning Mail: 10-NOV-13


Foolish Atoms – “How to Remain Solid Under a Sky of Gas
[free download]
From A Crack in the Glass Eye
out 25 November 2013
The River Humber flows into the north sea and right by the port city of Hull, home of Chris Norrison AKA Foolish Atoms.  Norrison admits to make music at night, and “How to Remain Solid Under a Sky of Gas” has that pre-soirée feel with chirpy guitars emitting crunchy, subtle rhythms. You can pick up an electronic copy of his new LP here.

Cat Meat – “Lungfish
from Scarlet Belle (EP)
released 24 June 2013
Late last year, Cat Meat released their self-titled debut LP.  It was one of my favorite albums from last year. Inspired by American blues artists from the deep south, it tore through me like a scythe with its poignant songs and well crafted arrangements.  Scarlet Belle shows growth in so many ways; the production is better, the songs have more presence. It’s hard to believe that Cat Meat offers both albums free on Bandcamp. Check them out here.



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