Morning Mail: 09-NOV-13


After a lay off, we revisit the mailbox.

Delay Trees – “The Perfect Heartache [free download]
from Readymade
out January 2014
The first single from the Finnish quartet’s third album channels their best qualities.  It’s hazy dream pop buoyed by jangly guitars.

Cartoon Monster – “Cold and Warm
from Cold
We’ve featured the exemplary bedroom artist, Cartoon Monster, (Tory Fiterre) in the past. This one came up in the SoundCloud feed we follow. Fiterre implores you to go to his Bandcamp site and download his music. Please do that and name your price while you’re at it.

Victory – “Soothing Me So [free download]
from Victory Is Music
released Spring 2013
Ok, I am sucker for a fuzzy bass line and a snappy pop song.  Victory is Robert Fleming out of Los Angeles. Fleming calls Victory “sun-drenched rock-n-roll…(like) Phil Specter on MDMA.” I’ll defer to that.

MF/MB/ – “Casualties
from Colossus
released 1 March 2013
Kraut-pop that will wake your ass up. Colossus is the second album from the Swedish quintet. Check out the entire album here.

In case you’re wondering what’s happening with this site, we aren’t shutting down. We needed a break. We chose full time work, family, and community involvement over this blog. We’ll be back in dribs and drabs, and maybe have the energy or get some new blood to reinvigorate this thing. Keep following along.


Check out another track from The Yeti is a Sasquatch project:

Satori in G-Vegas


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