Morning Mail: 24-AUG-2013


A bevy of DIY and self-produced material pervades today’s post.  If you’re a true DIY type (and not some PR person), email us (info <at> and we’ll give it a listen.  Info on recording methods, influences and other pertinent stuff is always helpful. Enjoy these artists:

TylerTyler Hagen
“Love Drug”
“The Art of Holding On”
from Less Than Three EP
03 August 2013
Tyler Hagen is an artist right out of our home base here in Greenville, NC.  Hagen is a multi-instrumentalist with a singer-songwriter’s heart. A self-produced effort, Hagen weaves together guitar, piano, harmonica, and ukulele to form his songs. His power pop leanings make the tracks on Less Than Three instantly appealing. Stream the entire EP here.  Pick it up on iTunes.

Love Drug

The Art of Holding On

Pulco – “Double Denim [free download]
single from an upcoming EP
Dadada fave and inspiration, Ash Cooke (AKA Pulco), is the subject of a feature by Nat Lyon on the blog, The Bomber Jacket. If you’re interested in DIY music and lean towards experimental folk, read it. Pulco’s uncanny style is formed through strung together bits of found sound that back drop delicious melodies.

Log Across the Washer – Nerves In My Bones In My Sleeves
from 2012 Pt. 2
released 01 November 2012
We got word that the Portland area artist is set to release another album and, in anticipation of that release, revisited his catalog on Bandcamp. Log Across the Washer (AKA Tyler Keane) has compiled his four releases from last year (The Season Opener Against OhioBells Of WhoWelcome To The Afternoon, and EMFABSM) into 2012 parts 1 and 2.  It’s a spectacular collection of experimental pop/rock/folk for which you can pay what you want. 

Cartoon Monster – “Trees Grow Grow [free download]
from warm
released 23 August 2013 on Bandcamp
This guy is so DIY that his Facebook page has a picture of him playing guitar in the bathroom. Armed with a uke and a Casiotone, Cartoon Monster delivers his latest single “Tree Grow Grow”.  Pay what you want for his newest LP, warm, on Bandcamp.



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